Grimm Late Night

I went to see a production of a musical written by two of my friends, Mark LaPierre and Jodi Eichelberger.  I’d seen it nine years ago in Portland, but this was it’s NYC debut and very exciting. It was as wonderful and witty as I remembered.  Very clever lyrics and an accapela score that’s witty …

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Hamleting after all.

Rob signed up for the virtual ticket line last night and, much to our surprise, won tickets to the show. We’re going after all. Just in case you don’t know about the virtual line: While the majority of Free tickets for Shakespeare in the Park are distributed via the Free line at the Delacorte Theater, …

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What should I talk about?

As the shows I’m working on wind down, and I get various project turned in, I’m seeing snippets of free time appear. I look at them somewhat askance, but I think I might see some more of them. Theater season does wind down in the summer. I think I’ll actually be able to catch up …

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A mere thirteen hours later

So… let’s recap today. Pilot overslept. Then thunderstorms. Still no pilot. Plane delayed by two hours. Miss D.C. connection. Rebooked on a flight for 6:15 am the next day. Sad. Get standby flight. Happy! Flight is delayed. Why? LaGuardia wasn’t letting flights in. Sad. Finally arrive in NYC. All buses are running! Happy! All buses …

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I fired a gun

Fired a gun for the first time today. It was a blank-firing Glock with quarter-charge ammunition and was for Steve and Idi at Rattlestick. Even with only a quarter-charge of gunpowder, it was really loud. Alas, the Glock throws the spent casings in a twenty-foot arc, which lands them squarely in the audience. I’m taking …

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Quick recap of today

Dropped props off for one show. Bought furniture for another. Rehearsed a third. Wrote on the train. Bed now.

Two tech weeks, again?

Hoooooow? How did I manage to schedule tech week for two shows during the same week again? It’s 2:30 am and I feel like I’m going to bed early. That’s a bad sign.

Walking in NYC with taxidermy

If you want to have conversations with your neighbors, a good way to do it is to walk down the street with a cart of taxidermy. They might start conversations with such openers as” “My god!” “What is it?” “Are they real?” “May I touch your dead animal heads?” I’m doing props for Bully Pulpit, …

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