Gods of Manhattan

I was given an ARC of Scott Mebus’s Gods of Manhattan The basic premise is that a parallel, magic, Manahatta exists throughout Manhattan. It is inhabited by the Gods of Commerce, The Best China, Guilt, Opposite Side of the Street Parking, and the like. These gods used to be mortals, but after their death if …

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The Scottish Play

One of the things Mom had wanted to do while she and Dad were here was see some theater. So, her birthday present to me was to take us all out to see Macbeth, starring Patrick Stewart. When we realized that we had two tickets available, Rob and I invited Rick Bowes and Emily DeCola …

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SFWA Volunteer Opportunity – Nebula Website Editor

SFWA is creating a new, updated website for the Nebula Awards and is looking for a SFWA member to partner with the professional web designer they’ve hired to do the heavy lifting. Estimated Time Required: 10-30 hours per month, (Variable depending on time of year. Heaviest commitment: March, April, and May) Job Description: 1. Advise …

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Blurbs and context

When we get reviewed in the theater, there’s always a moment of scanning the review looking for the pull quote. We’ve got to have something we can plaster on brochure’s and flyers. It is always tempting to pull something out of context like pulling, “Amazing!” out of “It’s amazing that anyone came back after intermission.” …

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Preliminary good news

A draft of the preliminary Nebula ballot is up for review in the SFWA members area. For Solo Cello, op. 12 is on there with six other stories. I literally squealed. Not just a squee, a full-out squeal of delight. Once they post the official preliminary ballot, I’ll share it here, because a couple of …

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Preview of Golden Compass

A director friend of ours had tickets to a preview of the Golden Compass and invited Rob and me to a small screening. The production design on the show is gorgeous, with air ships that will make the most hardened steampunker swoon. The costumes are stunning throughout. The whole cast turns in really strong performances, …

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Rag and Bone

The show that I’ve been working on most recently is at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater and called Rag and Bone, written by Noah Haidle and directed by Sam Gold. I watched a preview last night and am delighted to let you know that the hearts I made and the twenty tiny ladders make total sense within …

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Locus reviews Talebones #35

Patrick Swenson, erstwhile editor of Talebones, points to the latest issue of Locus. Two further Summer issues from the small press: both from magazines distinguished both by longevity and attractiveness. Talebones’ 35th issue has perhaps slightly more of a horror focus than usual–at any rate, my favorite story is a clever horror piece, Mary Robinette …

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Some Other Day, reader review

Blogtide Rising mentions the All Possible Worlds issue with my story, “Some Other Day” This is my favorite story of this issue. I just love science fiction when it treats science honestly and with heart.

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