Mouth mechs

I installed the moving mouth mechanisms in two of the puppets today. The female version works great and can be operated with one finger inside the head, but the male one is going to wind up needing to be attached to his rod. There’s something not quite right about that sentence… Today’s comments included, “I’m …

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Non-verbal thought

I had an interesting experience today. We ran into a problem with the girl monkeys because their heads were cast of a significantly heavier material than the rehearsal puppets. The workshop design required them to be light. What to do. After ages of trying different things and getting frustrated and thinking that we would have …

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Monkey Handles

For the workshop of Serendib, Emily made a series of prototype monkeys. This is the female model and is a beautifully simple design. The puppeteer slips her hand inside the torso of the monkey, and manipulates a small internal rod for the puppet. My job is to translate these structure prototypes into puppets that will …

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A musical convergence

This morning Rob and I were standing in the kitchen. The classical radio station was playing the background as we waited for the opera to begin. As we were talking, I heard the announcer say, “And that was ‘The dance of the dolls’,” which immediately made my head turn to the radio, because dancing dolls …

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Brooklyn and Puppets

I’ll be in Brooklyn building puppets for the fabulous Emily DeCola and a production of Serendib. I’ll be building monkeys from February 6th-February 22nd. Consider yourself forewarned.

My plate

This is what I have on my agenda for the weekend. Arabian Nights scenic design Repair Kids on the Block puppets Pack house Design two websites Clean for new housemate’s arrival

Feed me. Feed me now.

My company owns a set of Little Shop of Horrors puppets which we rent out to different venues. I just called my storage facility to arrange a visit to the plants so I could check for damage before sending them out on the next rental. They aren’t there. They were never returned. I’m trying to …

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More set

Most of the time a set designer draws a pretty picture and then a TD (technical director) makes it a reality. I think I’ve been able to do that with one set. Most of the time, because of the limitations of puppets, I have to think about the mechanical as I’m designing. Also, because I’m …

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