Storage locker

We began moving things down to the storage locker today. It feels strange to be dismantling the house like this. It’s also fairly disorienting. I’m certain that we’ll get to New York and I’ll open a box and wonder, “Why did I bring this?” Our next wave of stuff goes out tomorrow. I’ve also become …

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Disaster! (almost)

I’ve been having trouble with my internet in the room and complained multiple times to the hotel. They sent their engineer up–who announced as he came into the room, “I’m not particularly computer savvy.” Oh, how true that was. He poked at buttons on the computer and said, “I’ll have to close these windows,” and …

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Adding Injury to Insult

I’ve had time to cook lately, which has been a nice change of pace. Last night I made a Espresso Black Bean Chili that I’d discovered when I was staying with my folks at Woodthrush Woods. I really like this recipe, although I cut it in half and still have more chili than makes sense. …

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Tobias S. Buckell

Tobias S. Buckell Online » Blog Archive » Listen to a story of I read: Waiting for the Zephyr can be heard online for free at the Spoken Alexandria Project. The story is narrated by the talented Mary Robinette Kowal of the Willamette Radio Workshop.

Shimmer – Spring Bonus

Shimmer – Spring Bonus To celebrate spring we’d like to offer you this special bonus; a story so exciting that we couldn’t wait for the next issue of the magazine to come out. We had to share it with you now. Download the pdf today!

A Pro-Sale!

I can’t believe it. Strange Horizons just wrote to say they want to buy Portrait of Ari at pro-rates! I’m beside myself with excitement–really, it takes two of me to express my joy fully. Here’s the letter. Dear Mary Robinette Kowal, We’re pleased to accept your story “Portrait of Ari” for publication in Strange Horizons, …

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Lazy Town Sweepstakes

My friend Jodi is on tour with the Lazy Town live show. Apparently Nick Jr. is running a promotional contest so you can get the show in your town. Naturally, Jodi wants to come to Portland. To enter, one must have children between the ages of one and eight. Strangely, Rob and I don’t qualify. …

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Free time? No…

We’re done at four o’clock today. I’m in shock. I don’t know what I’ll do, besides return phone calls from all the people I’ve been ignoring for the past month.

Rob’s Last Day!

Yesterday was a momentous day, and I didn’t even realize it. It was Rob’s last official day at the winery. Of course he’s still going in to work on Monday, but he’s back to being free-lance. Hurrah!

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