Where to Find Mary Robinette in September

Welcome to September! Here are some places you can find me this month.

Worldcon 2022: September 1-5, 2022

September 01, 2022 — September 05, 2022

Worldcon, or the World Science Fiction Convention, is the annual gathering of science fiction and fantasy fans, writers, artists, musicians and other creators from across the globe. First held in New York City in 1939, Worldcon moves around the globe, held in a different city and organized by a different volunteer organization each year. This […]

Patreon Q&A and Writing Date with Mary Robinette

September 06, 2022— 8 pm to 9:30 pm Eastern

Join me for monthly online writing dates on the first Tuesday of every month! I’ll open a Zoom session at 8PM Eastern and we’ll start off with a half hour of Q&A followed by quiet coworking and finished off with a bit of social time. I’ll take questions about my most recent writing class, general […]

Writing Excuses Cruise: September 11-18, 2022

September 11, 2022 — September 18, 2022

I’ll be with Writing Excuses Retreat hosts Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells, plus Margaret Dunlap and DongWon Song on the Liberty of the Seas from September 11-18, 2022. It’s a cruise ship. On the ocean. With great food, fun ship board activities, adventurous excursions – and writerly minds to keep you company. We’ll […]

Patreon Online Writing Class: Creativity in All Aspects of Life with Sandra Tayler

September 21, 2022— 8 to 9:30pm Eastern

Mary Robinette teaches classes, once a month, for her $25 Patreon supporters. The topic rotates, depending on what folks want to know about. Due to travel shenanigans this month, Sandra Tayler will be our Guest Instructor, teaching us about Creativity in All Aspects of Life. I’ve had conversations on this topic with Sandra before, and […]

Interviewing Experts: Micaiah Johnson on Automatons (Sep 22)

September 22, 2022— 8 to 9:30pm Eastern

Mary Robinette hosts an interview with an expert in their field once a month for her $25 Patreon supporters. The topic rotates depending on the guest’s area of expertise. Mary Robinette will interview the guest as if she were preparing to write something featuring their job – which means interesting jargon, behind-the-scenes challenges, and unexpected […]
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