Where to Find Mary Robinette in November

Ginger pear tarte tatin
Ginger pear tarte tatin

Happy November! Wishing you lovely food and good company of your choosing. Here’s where to find me this month:

November 1

Online No-Prep NaNoWriMo Class

November 6

Online Patreon/Drip Q&A and Writing Date

November 13

SFWA Pacific Northwest Readers Series – Seattle

November 15

SFWA Pacific Northwest Readers Series – Portland

November 26

Online Patreon/Drip Class


Or find me online here:
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1 thought on “Where to Find Mary Robinette in November”

  1. Colonel Snuggledorf

    I know you made one other stop in November that isn’t listed here, because the copies I ordered of The Calculating Stars and The Fated Sky just arrived from Volumes Bookcafe. Heartfelt thanks for taking the time to sign and inscribe them – you intuited my intent far better than I expressed, and I am so grateful. My niece will be thrilled!

    I realize there is a contact form on your website, but the info says your agent has to pass it along to you, and I don’t want to waste your agent’s time with this. I hope that comments on your blog reach you on some level (hopefully not an intrusive one), because I really wanted to convey my thanks and appreciation, both for writing the books themselves and for your kindness and courtesy in inscribing and signing them.

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