Where to find Mary at the Nebula Awards

Mary will be at the SFWA Nebula Conference in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania from Thursday, May 17th to Sunday, May 20th.

Here’s where to find her at the conference!


Thursday, May 17th

Ignite Talks (moderator)
Marquis B

Get snapshot talks on a variety of subjects, geared toward jumpstarting your brain. Presenters get 20 slides, which automatically advance every 15 seconds. The results are fast and fun presentation each of which lasts just 5 minutes.


Topics include:
Heinlein’s Rules for writing – Kevin McLaughlin
Senses of Sailing – Rekka Jay
Poetry in Science (119 times) – Mary Soon Lee
How to Accurately Portray Mental Illness – Dr. Shana Feibel
Medieval European Swordsmanship – John Appel
how covers differ between countries and genres, and how readers interpret them – Claire Humphrey
Ghost Hunting – J.R. Dawson
The Emotions of Salvage Archaeology – Jason Sanford
SF and Rock and Roll – Larry Ivkovich
Elementary Particle Physics – Lesley L. Smith

Shape of Narrative Arc in Gaming
Marquis B

Stories can be found in games just as much as fiction. Panelists will discuss how they emerge in games, how the type of game affects the narrative arc, and how writers impact the story. The panel will also highlight techniques to evaluate the narrative arcs in published games.


Friday, May 18th

Makeup for Writers
Marquis C

You’re at a con, you’re exhausted and have to look like you’re in top form. Learn tricks for femme, ace, masc, and everyone on the gender spectrum to spackle over the fatigue. This isn’t about conforming to media stereotypes but about using a tool to look like the best version of you.

And if you’re a nominee wanting a little extra sparkle… this is a hands-on workshop.

Ongoing Funding for Authors
Marquis A

There are more ways for a writer to earn income now than every before. This panel focuses specifically on the subscription or patronage model for providing an author with on-going support. From Patreon to Drip to Koffi, what are some ways to reduce the uncertainty of your income stream?

Nebula Nominee Presentation
Grand Ballroom

Here is your chance to meet and congratulate this year’s Nebula Nominees before the mass autographing. As a way to celebrate the nominees’ work, we have partnered with SAG/AFTRA to have two professional audiobook narrators who will read excerpts from the nominated work (Mary is one of narrators reading).


Sunday, May 20th

Self-Publishing an Audiobook (moderator)
Marquis B

A narrator can make or break a book. How do you find, evaluate, and work with a narrator to create the best possible audiobook? Representatives from SAG/AFTRA, (the union representing audiobook narrators) join with narrators and audiobook publishers to give you the low-down on what goes into creating an audiobook and how to proceed if you don’t want to sell your audiobook rights but would rather produce it yourself.

Mass Autographing – open to the public!
Grand Ballroom

Come have your things signed by Mary and the other attendees and nominees!

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