Where to Find Mary at Penguicon

Mary will be a Guest of Honor at Penguicon this weekend, from May 4-6, at the Westing in Southfield, Michigan. Tickets are available at the door, information here.

Here’s where to find her!

Friday, May 4th

Opening Ceremonies
Algonquin C/D

Join our con chair, Cassy Sinke, the Con Committee, and our Guests of Honor as we open this bad boy up for the weekend. You never know what surprises might be in store!

Setting as Character

Character In Science Fiction and Fantasy settings can literally come alive–be it via the talking flowers of Through The Looking Glass or the rage of Peter Quill’s creepy dad-planet in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. In Ann Leckie’s Imperial Radch universe where ships have minds, main characters can be both people and places at the same time. Are living settings a science fiction/fantasy extension of the classic “Hero Vs. Nature” story? How do they exist in conversation with real-world beliefs about whether the world around us has a will of its own?


Saturday, May 5th

Writing Excuses Podcast Panel
Charlevoix B

The team that is Writing Excuses talks about their podcast and, if we’re very lucky, they might even record one! Come hang out with them, be entertained, and talk podcasts, writing, and how the two work together.

Practical Regency
Charlevoix A

Historical accuracy isn’t just the stuff of academics. It can open up whole new plot complications and what author doesn’t enjoy those? Come and handle Regency underwear, learn how to use a quill, and why your nobleman should never, ever buy a bottle of wine.

Cosplay Contest
Algonquin C/D

Penguicon always has a wide variety of really incredible cosplayers. Join us in appreciating the talent that goes into each of the creations that our cosplayers bring to the table…. or the stage.

Writing Productivity
Algonquin B

Some writers crank out ten books a year. Others of us struggle for one every two years. How do high-productivity writers get the words out? What techniques do they use?


Sunday, May 6th

Puppetry 101
Charlevoix A

Nonverbal cues are a major part of communication. In the world of puppetry, you have to convey these cues and bring to life inanimate objects that not carry emotion but deliver a captivating story. Join professional puppeteer, Mary Robinette Kowal, as she teaches the fundamental techniques of the art of puppetry through lecture and play time.

Sometimes Writer’s Block is Really Depression
Algonquin A

Sometimes these two things are closely intertwined. Being able to identify why you have trouble writing can often help you find strategies to start writing again and to know when to ask for help.

Writing Excuses Reading

The team that is the Writing Excuses Podcast will read from various books and pieces they’ve written, as only an author can.

Closing Ceremonies
Algonquin C/D

As we officially shut down another amazing, exciting year for Penguicon, come hear about how it went, and what we’ve got our eye on for next year.

Did you know you can support Mary Robinette on Patreon!

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  1. Michael Carlstrom

    Hope she is going to be in Michigan, because that’s where penguicon is held. If she is in Missouri it’s the wrong state. ?
    The Westin Southfield
    1500 Town Center
    Southfield, Michigan  48075

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