Updates for 2011-04-22

  • The director has posted photos and a bit about last night's rehearsal of @neilhimself's Odd and the Frost Giants. http://bit.ly/ej2p6Y #
  • Looks like we arent't due in until 45 minutes late. Darn freight trains. #marygoround #
  • And now the train is having electrical problems. We are stopped. #marygoround #
  • The electrical problems have caused a computer problem that is affecting the engine. Rebooting the train hasn't worked. #marygoround #
  • Since we are in Tukwilla which is closer to the Norwescon hotel, I have gotten off the train to spare the other passengers. #marygoround #
  • I'm now biking to Norwescon. #marygoround #
  • I have arrived at Norwescon. 21% uphill grade! 21%! Gasp. I only fell once. I think we all get drinks. #marygoround #
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