Tonight on Patreon: Interviewing Experts with Kat Eldred of Why Knot Fibers. Join Us!

Tonight at 8pm Eastern US I’ll be interviewing Kat Eldred, owner and founder of Why Knot Fibers. Join the $25 Interviewing Experts level, and come ask questions and hear all about it!

Kat Eldred is the founder and dyer behind Why Knot Fibers, a small hand-dyed yarn company specializing in rich nature inspired tonal colors, as well as farm-to-needle yarns and fibers. She began crocheting and knitting at at an early age, though she took a break in her teens before returning to yarn crafts in college. Kat has also been a musician most of her life, making music with friends and family and songwriting since age 12. Kat began dyeing after she took up spinning in her twenties and couldn’t find “just” the right colorway she wanted: Enter powdered turmeric and some alpaca roving, and the rest is the colors you see now see from WKF. Nearly a decade later, she is still playing with color, creating color, making music, spinning, and knitting in Traverse City, Michigan with her husband, Steve and their teens, Liam & Sadie (as well as 2 dogs and 3 cats – much to their annoyance, are NOT allowed in the studio). The business name came from a phrase that Kat says quite often “Sure! Why not?”

PS: Yes, that’s yarn that Kat made in the image at the top! 🙂

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