Have time to beta-read a 2300 word SF short story?

I have a 2300 word short story, that I’d love to have a few beta-readers on.  It’s been ages, but this is actually one I wrote just for fun so there’s no rush on feedback. Here’s a teaser.


Rockets Red

Watching his mother kneel awkwardly in her rented space suit, Aaron worried his lower lip inside his own helmet. She did not touch the firecrackers, but her arm twitched like she wanted to. Or was that twitch for other reasons? God. When had Mom gotten so small?

Over the speaker, her voice crackled, “You adjusted the perchlorate balance?”


She threw her arms into the air like an Olympic gymnast. “Triumph! I– Oh!”

Off-balance with unfamiliarity in the light Martian gravity, the sudden movement tipped her to the side. Aaron hopped forward and caught her before she could pitch over onto the firework.

“Sorry.” She patted his hand clumsily. “I was just so excited that I remembered my chemistry.”

Just leave a note in the comments below if you’d like to read and I’ll send you the link and the password.

Edited to add: I’m totally covered. Thank you all.

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51 thoughts on “Have time to beta-read a 2300 word SF short story?”

  1. I would be overjoyed to have an opportunity to beta read for you. Your advice on Writing Excuses has been so helpful that I feel like I owe you some assistance on your work.

  2. Sure, send it over. It will keep me away from #YesAllWomen for long enough to heal a little bit …

  3. I’d love to read it. I’m a planetary scientist and have studied the geology of Mars. If you want critiques of the science, I’d be happy to give them, just let me know!

  4. I’d love to help out. I’m trying to get a submission out for Writers of the Future, so I’m interested in helping out and seeing how it gets edited

  5. I’d love to read it; I cannot promise that I will be able to make helpful comments…

  6. Sounds intriguing! If you’re not already full up on the number of people you need to beta-read, would love to have a gander at it 🙂

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