The Jane Austen Centre reviews and likes Shades of Milk and Honey!

I am all astonished. The Jane Austen Centre in Bath has a review of Shades of Milk and Honey on their website AND wrote to let me know that they were planning on sending the review out with their newsletter.

Let me repeat that: The Jane Austen Centre. Likes. My. Novel.

John Ottinger writes about the book in detail and wraps up by saying:

Shades of Milk and Honey could easily fit into Austen’s canon, except of course for the inclusion of magic. Kowal has captured both the style and content of an Austen novel, adding her own speculative fiction twist, and readers who enjoyed such novels as Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell will find this novel appealing as well. Readers of period romances have a crossover novel into the speculative fiction genre, and casual rather than critical Austen readers have a book that hits all the high points of Austen’s dialogue and plotting while still having its own identity. Highly recommended reading for everyone and one I suspect will garner award nominations from several genres.

You can read the full review of Shades of Milk and Honey at the Jane Austen Center. I hardly need to tell you what an honour it is to have the Jane Austen Centre like the book.   Their website was indispensable when I was writing the novel.

So you may imagine my further delight when Laura Boyle, who edits the online magazine, let me know that this month’s issue was quietly themed around ideas from my novel, including an article on what Tableux Vivants were like in the real world’s Regency.  I didn’t make them up, I just reimagined them with glamour.

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5 thoughts on “The Jane Austen Centre reviews and likes Shades of Milk and Honey!”

  1. Wonderful! I confess I have never understood the appeal of Tableaux Vivants as party games. Charades, yes, but making everyone dress up and stand still without even the motive of having someone sketch them?

    In any case, I finally found a copy of Shades of Milk and Honey today. I haven’t started it yet, but anticipate spending some quality reading time soon!

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