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Silent Spaces: Tales from the Lady Astronauts

It is a collection of 9 short stories in the Lady Astronaut Series written by Mary Robinette Kowal, including one written just for this collection.

With this campaign the book will be available in print for the first time in English as a Softcover, and a Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Hardcover!

Table of Contents:

  • We Interrupt This Broadcast
  • In the Moon’s House
  • Articulated Restraint
  • Still as Bright
  • The Phobos Experience
  • Amara’s Giraffe
  • Rocket’s Red
  • Silent Spaces
  • The Lady Astronaut of Mars

And that’s not all! To celebrate the entire series and the upcoming release of the Martian Contingency, we have some amazing items available to get as part of the reward tiers.

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