September Interviewing Experts: Micaiah Johnson on Automatons

Mary Robinette hosts an interview with an expert in their field once a month for her $25 Patreon supporters. The topic rotates depending on the guest’s area of expertise. Mary Robinette will interview the guest as if she were preparing to write something featuring their job – which means interesting jargon, behind-the-scenes challenges, and unexpected joys! At the end of the session, you get to ask them questions, too. These sessions will be recorded for those who need to watch asynchronously, and you can submit questions ahead of time.

Tonight at 8 pm Eastern, Micaiah Johnson is joining us to talk about automatons. Micaiah Johnson was raised in California’s Mojave Desert surrounded by trees named Joshua and women who told stories. She received her bachelor of arts in creative writing from the University of California, Riverside, and her master of fine arts in fiction from Rutgers University–Camden. She now studies American literature at Vanderbilt University, where she focuses on critical race theory and automatons.

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