Sale! Weaving Dreams to Apex

I have a story coming out in the October issue of Apex. I’m so pleased by this. Apex was one of my first real sales, and has continued to be so supportive. This is also the first story I’ve sold to Lynne Thomas, the editor there, so that makes me doubly happy.

Meanwhile, here’s the teaser for Weaving Dreams.

Eva tossed her backpack on the picnic bench and hollered to Giancarlo. “I’m heading to the creek to cut some willow branches for the summoning spell.”

The historian strode up the hill from their car with his gear slung over one shoulder. “You could bring them with you, you know.” His English was perfect, only the rolled R and lilt betraying his origins. Well, that and the way he moved like a runway model straight from Milan.

She snapped a photo of the area with her phone and texted it to her assistant, Sandra. File under Cherokee Project. Sometimes the vegetation changed after a Fae visited, depending on the magic they used.

“The willow needs to be from here. The fae like it better when the baskets are of their place.”

“Why?” He raised an eyebrow, curious, as always.

“The Fae are particular about the specifications for these gifts, but I’ve got no idea what they do with the baskets.”

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