Important note: The staff at the Virka fabric store speak no English. I don’t know the words for sewing machine, needle, elastic, boning, nylon strapping, or buckle.

Fortunately, the lady helping me was very nice and willing to listen to my half-Icelandic, half-point and grunt. She made very good guesses and she spoke slowly when talking to me. I made it out of there alive with everything I came for.

Ah, today was a good day. I pulled out all the boning on the bear, made some adjustments to the pattern and reinstalled it. I need to get a person in to put the suit on so I can install the belt that will keep everything in place.

Bear Torso, front Bear Torso, side

I started on the arms today, but am still in the patterning phase. The challenge here is that I have to accomodate bear anatomy and a persons anatomy at the same time. They don’t always line up, but I’m pleased with my initial pattern.

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