Patreon Writing Class Tonight at 8PM Eastern: Unlocking Session

Tonight’s class is an unlocking session. In this session, we’ll pick four volunteers at random to help unlock a thing that the writer is stuck on. It might be plot, character, voice… The idea is to give you a chance to talk it out in a safe setting with guidance from MRK to help you get past the barrier and back to writing.

Structure (all times in Eastern)

  • 8:00 pm Chat for 5 minutes as people get settled.
  • 8:05 pm Begin recording
  • 8:45 ish Open the floor for questions from the chat
  • 9:00 ish Stop recording near the hour and switch to Q&A for any questions that you didn’t want to be recorded.
  • Later ish MRK will open the breakout rooms for anyone who wants to stick around for writing or social time.

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