On my way home from Penguicon

I’m sitting in the Detroit Airport waiting for my flight back from Penguicon.  It was great fun which, as usual, left me a bit fatigued. I was going to blog but am just past the point where I’m willing to spend $13 for internet access at a hotel.  Smart phones, you know, I can keep up with email that way.

Highlights include: learning that Scalzi is creeped out by my cat puppet; looking across the table and realizing that I’m having breakfast with Mary Turzillo and Geoffrey Landis; talking shop with Tobias Buckell and Patrick Rothfuss; staying up waaaaaaaaaaaaay too late talking to Merrie Haskell; and hanging at the airport with Cherie Priest. There was other fun stuff, too but that gives you a brief overview.

My flight doesn’t go until 7:45 but it’s a direct flight, so that’s nice.  I got here really early because there was an easy ride to the airport and I happily took advantage of it.

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