O Christmas Tree

While I was in Iceland, I told Rob not to bother getting a tree since there would be so little time to enjoy it. (He’s not into all the trappings of Christmas except the exterior houselights.) Anyway, after I recovered from jetlag, I realized that was a mistake, but couldn’t justify the expense of a tree for two days of enjoyment. Then I got an email from my dad today, which I will now proceed to quote.

I cut (poached according to Steve)the Christmas tree from over by the TNT plant where I usually get it. It is a little bit off balance, but I have it wired to the ceiling so it isn’t likely to fall.

“Brilliant!” I thought, “We’ll poach a tree from our own backyard.” There are these ridiculous arbor vitaes that have grown too tall and fall over at the slightest provocation. So I cut part of one of them down and stuck lights on it. The house feels more festive, and I got some important yard work done. In addition to the tree we also have this holiday arrangement which was serving as a surrogate tree to provide the presents with a place to rest.

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