New Cat has a name… Welcome Sadie.

We command you to nap.I know, I know… It wasn’t on the list of names we were considering, but allow me to explain why it fits her so well.

  1. Sadie is short for Sarah, which means “princess” or “lady.” You can see that she has already made her position clear in the household.
  2. Sadie Peterson Delaney was the head librarian for the  Veterans Administration Hospital in Tuskegee, Alabama from 1924-1958. She pioneered “bibliotherapy” which she defined as, “the treatment of patients through selected reading.” Not only does our Sadie like sitting on books, she has a tiny meow suitable for the library. Also, librarians rock.
  3. Sadie Farrell aka Sadie the Goat was a gang leader in 1868 in New York. She was known for mugging lone men by head-butting them. Later she lead a gang in taking over a sloop and went on raiding parties up and down the Hudson. This was a woman who knew how to survive on the streets, much like our girl who was rescued from the streets.
  4. Sadie Bonnell was an ambulance driver in the First World War and was awarded the military medal for her courage under fire. Our Sadie raised her own kittens and took in a foundling as well.
  5. My mom asked Dad to marry her on Sadie Hawkins day. Okay… this doesn’t actually tie in to our Sadie’s personality, I just like the family story.
  6. She came when I called her “Sadie.” For the past couple of days, we’ve been trying out names randomly as we get to know her. Sometimes, she’ll ignore it, or yawn, or shake her head. I said “Sadie,” and she jumped up and ran over to me, chattering. Granted, later she totally ignored me, but she’s a cat so that’s her prerogative.

The one thing you can’t tell from these photos is how incredibly tiny she is.

Finally, if you are in the Chicago area and are looking for a new cat, allow me to highly recommend Critical Animal Relief Foundation. They take excellent care of fosters and spend a lot of time making sure that that the forever homes are a good match. The photo album of adoptable kitties is soooo sweet.

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  1. Brilliant! I have found it takes me 4 days to find a cat’s name. They are a challenge! She’s beautiful, by the way. Congratulations!

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