My first day in the studio

A driver came to pick me up at my apartment at 11:45, which was 3:45a.m. according to my internal clock. I’d actually managed to get in a small nap, but the excitement of being here was the only thing making me functional.

Everyone is very nice and I’m looking forward to actually starting to work. It’s great to see Jodi and Sam. I spent a lot of the day fighting to stay awake; basically, if I sat then I began to nod off. I took a twenty minute nap and that seems to help. I still feel like I’m only working on about 80% of my brain. At best.

The set is a closed set, which means no photos, so don’t even ask.

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2 thoughts on “My first day in the studio”

  1. Oh, dear Mary, The days here in Portland seem to be passing one after another and still, you have gotten no real sleep…

    Thank you for keeping us all so up to date, despite your genuine exhaustion. B.T.W., how many hours ahead are you in Iceland?

    Sweet dreams, eventually…


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