MRK’s 2018 in Review

I counted it out – in 2018 I spent more days traveling than I did at home. I… I question my life choices sometimes. BUT there was so much cool stuff that I don’t know what I would have skipped. And since there is no reasonable way to cover everything I did, here are a few highlights. So many links ahead!

Last year I: published 2 novels, 6 short stories, wrote a game, podcasted, did many space things, baked a few pies, and spent a lot of time with family.


Short stories



Brass Tactics – Hidden Path

Related Work

Writing Excuses Season 13

> I wrote an analogy and pep talk about Imposter Syndrome and D&D (this is a time to actually read the comments. Well, most of them).

> I was part of the #NASASocial group for the Parker Solar Probe launch. Heard from the scientists, including Dr Parker himself, visited the Vehicle Assembly Building, and launch pad 39-b. If you have read the Lady Astronaut Novels, you’ll know why I found this tweet particularly funny.

> Let me recommend a book to you! Find a book in the thread that you’ve loved, and read one of the ones around it!

> I went on our 6th annual Writing Excuses Retreat and Workshop. I wrote on a balcony, taught in the R Bar, ate ceviche and wrote during a downpour in Cozumel, and got shingles (ouch). Join us next year – we’ll be going back for ceviche, but not for shingles. (Prices go up on Jan 31st!)

Ceviche and writing in Cozumel.
Ceviche and writing in Cozumel

> I got to watch a spacewalk rehearsal at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, and talked all about it during the actual spacewalk a few months later.

> Speaking of amazing space things, I’m just gonna leave this one here:

Yes, that’s an actual lady astronaut that loves my Lady Astronaut book. *Tahani hair toss*

> I started a Lady Astronaut Club. Official merchandise! (No Cream of Wheat boxtops required) Membership cards! Just send in a SASE! The Lady Astronaut Club is open to anyone on or off the gender spectrum.

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