Marie Brennan wrote GLAMOURIST HISTORIES fanfic! Squeeeee!!!

This makes me giggle with so much delight.

So Mary Robinette Kowal and I were on tour back in May, which gave us abundant time to chat about various things. At one event, an audience member asked several questions that began with the disclaimer of “this probably isn’t a thing you’ve bothered to think about, but” — which had the effect of proving that no, really, Mary has thought about pretty much everything in the world of her Glamourist Histories. As we were changing back into civilian clothing at the end of the event, I said to her, “I’m willing to bet you’ve thought about the uses of glamour for porn.”

To which she laughed and told me about a glamural Vincent created in his student days.

And then Marie said she was tempted to write it and I squeed all over her and said, “YES!” and then she did.

Read all about it and get the link to the story, WHICH IS FANTASTIC, over on her website. Swan Tower – I have done a Very Silly Thing

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