March 2024 Update: News, Events, and More

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This past weekend was the 72nd anniversary of the meteor strike that forever left Earth changed.

I hope you took a moment to mark the occasion, remembering those who were lost and celebrating the strides we’ve made in the time since.

(If you’re not sure what catastrophic event I’m alluding to, may I recommend heading here to read the first chapter of The Calculating Stars.)

Earthside, I have a few fun announcements this month.

Here’s an at-a-glance roundup, and you can read on for more specific details:

I also want to pass along this link to a free 60-day trial of The Sunday Morning Transport. If you’re unfamiliar, this is a weekly delivery of a brand new short science fiction or fantasy story. It’s delightful, and well worth the subscription.

(Public Classes, Awards, and More)

Short Story Cohort: Applications Open

I’m now accepting applications for the second Short Story Cohort! Join a transformative three-month writing experience, designed to help you learn the craft of short stories while also generating new work. 

You will journey through this program with a cohort of 6 writers, gaining accountability, support, and camaraderie.

This program is a small group experience, and admission is granted through an application process.

Book Club: I Am Bunny
March 19th at 8PM ET

This quarter, I’ve decided to open up my Patreon book club to the public. We have a special guest coming in, who I can’t wait to introduce you all to: Bunny, the talking dog, and her person, Alexis Devine.

If you’ve been at all curious about the buttons I use with Elsie, to hear from other learners and their people, or to know more about animal communication, you won’t want to miss out on this conversation.


Please note that different events are offered to different Patron levels.

  • March 5th: Monthly Q&A (Tonight! If you’re not a Patron, you can join by registering for a free trial).
  • March 10th: Weekly Make Me Write Session
  • March 17th: Weekly Make Me Write Session
  • March 19th: Book Club, I AM BUNNY with Alexis Devine
  • March 24th: Weekly Make Me Write Session
  • March 25th: Class: Unlocking Session
  • March 31st: Weekly Make Me Write Session


I would love to see you at an upcoming event.


As I mentioned above, Elsie is spreading her paws over on her new Instagram account. She’s assured me that it would be extremely Rude Litterbox of you not to follow her.

Last week, we had the exciting opportunity to host two furry visitors who are also button users: @bastionandbrews and @puppyparkerposie.

Here’s a recap of my favorite interaction from the visit (after Elsie had a chance to check everyone out).

Parker had up until this point, never interacted with Elsie’s button board. This was her first time visiting my apartment, so this board was completely new to her.

Take a look at her problem-solving skills as she experiments with Elsie’s buttons.

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