Jane Austen and entrails. It’s how I roll.

I read at KGB in New York on Wednesday night and it went reasonably well. In addition to previewing part of Without a Summer, I also did the tiny little puppet show and showed off a pair of entrails.


Yes. See, Ellen Datlow, one of the hosts of the Fantastic Fiction reading series, had asked me if I could help with her Kickstarter fundraiser for Fearful Symmetries, a new horror anthology that she is working on. Maybe a puppet or something. I didn’t have a puppet handy, so I offered to make a set of entrails.

Photos by Cesar R. Bustamante Jr.
Photos by Cesar R. Bustamante Jr.


I showed them off at the KGB reading right after reading my historical fantasy.  I do have a tutorial on how to make entrails if you are so inclined. Otherwise, head over to Kickstarter, where you can have these as well as print and ebook editions of Fearful Symmetries for supporting the anthology with a $200 contribution.

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