Why I’m excited about UNCANNY MAGAZINE

The short form of this post is that you should go back Uncanny Magazine on Kickstarter.

The long form is that I’m seriously excited about Uncanny, a new magazine created by Lynne and Michael Thomas. For full disclosure, Lynne and Michael are some of my dearest friends, so I am not unbiased in my excitement about the magazine. Now, part of the reason that I adore them is because they are smart, love the SFF genre, and are darn good editors. Have you seen the Hugos at their house?

Point being that when Lynne and Michael said that they were starting a new magazine, I knew that it would be filled with the sort of fiction I like to read. It would also be a magazine that was run by people who are aware of and involved in the conversations that our industry is going through right now, which means not only good stories but essays that are relevant.

Doesn’t that sound nice? SFF stories from around the world, diverse voices, understanding of gender, disability, race — or, to put it another way, Kick ass SFF for the twenty-first century.

Also, a space unicorn.

Oh, and I have a story in the first year.

Check out some of the other contributors.

We plan to showcase original poetry by

… and essays by

Uncanny will also feature cover art by

The rewards are pretty cool as well. For instance… for $300, you get a guaranteed spot in one of my short story intensives. You know, the ones that sell out in less than a minute?

Now, please go back Uncanny on Kickstarter.

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3 thoughts on “Why I’m excited about UNCANNY MAGAZINE”

  1. Paul (@princejvstin)

    When the Thomases first leaked to me that they were going to do this, I was extremely excited, too.

    And just look at that lineup! How can you say no to that?

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