Help Nora and Bob by listening to me read naughty Jane Austen.

Before we get to the Jane Austen phone sex video, give me a moment of your time. Last month, I told you about my friends Nora and Bob and the horrific car accident they survived. This is their truck.


So — there’s a fundraiser, and I’m helping with some Acts of Whimsy. I’m going to read a little Jane Austen to you, in my phone sex voice, because it always makes Nora laugh and laugh when I do this at Oregon Regency Society retreats.

Here’s the link to Help Nora and Bob by donating at GoFundMe

So how are they doing? Bob has been moved to a skilled nursing home and is starting the long road of physical therapy. His jaw is still wired shut, but hopefully for not much longer. Nora’s road has been harder. She’s had a persistent infection and required multiple surgeries to repair the damage from the accident. She just, this week, had the tracheotomy removed because she can finally breathe on her own.

They only get to see each other three times a week. Until now, Nora hasn’t been able to do more than mouth words to Bob. Now, she’ll finally be able to say the thing she keeps mouthing to him — “I love you.”

Please, help them out? Even with insurance, their medical costs are going to be severe.

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2 thoughts on “Help Nora and Bob by listening to me read naughty Jane Austen.”

  1. I do hope the gales of laughter this will provoke in Nora doesn’t hurt her throat. I bet she’d think it’s worth it if so.

    That truck certainly gave its all to protect them.

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