Happy Father’s Day!

I’m lucky that my brother is visiting our parents in Chattanooga and has offered to celebrate in my stead. Rob’s dad is out of luck though. Sorry, Glenn! Once again, we are ungrateful wretches. I hope that the weather is beautiful where you are, and that you get to do everything you want to do today.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. Where I am in New England, it’s very hot. I’m sweating as I type here. At least you’re nice and cool in Iceland.

  2. Thank you for the dart board, beer and pretzels. I would thank you for the carmel corn too, but your nephew got most of that. We stayed up far too late last night playing.

  3. Pop had a fine father’s day celebrating with an outdoor fish fry, lake side. We went from London, England to Avon, MN. in one day. That’s moving right along, eh?

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