Glamour in Glass: The town of Binché

One of the things I had fun with in Glamour in Glass was sending Jane out of England. See, Shades of Milk and Honey took place in 1814, which is when Napoleon was defeated and went into exile on Elba.

In 1815, people flocked to the Continent which was safe for the first time in years. Jane travels abroad as well.

The town of Binché, in Belgium, is one of the places she goes while on the Continent. Here’s how it looks in Glamour in Glass.

They arose with dawn the next morning and set off as the sun started to warm the winter fi elds. They arrived in Binché a few hours later as the village clock struck ten, bells chiming as if celebrating the Vincents’ arrival. The sun painted the stucco walls of the village a pale red- gold that belied the chill of the season. Passing through into the town proper, the Vincents were charmed by the neat houses and tidy window box gardens which crowded the streets. The chaise set them down at the carriage post outside the A l’Aube d’un Hôtel near the centre of town.

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