Finished the trailer and thank you caffeine

One of the useful side effects of having a caffeine intolerance is that it doesn’t take very much to help me with pulling an all-nighter. As you might guess, Rob and I wound up staying up through the night to finish the trailer for Shades of Milk and Honey. He’s going to be at the winery all week and the studio wasn’t available today.

So… it was do or die. Through a variety of circumstance ranging from corrupted uploads to paying work coming in, which always supersedes a freebie, to export errors we’d cut it really close. Still, we had no expectation when we went down there that we’d stay up all night.

We left around 9:20 this morning and my writers group meets not far from the editing suite, so I’ve arrived about forty-five minutes early to have coffee and breakfast.

I ordered a half-caff latte. Shocking, I know.

It really is silly that it sounds like a total wimpy beverage and will in fact leave me a little wired. I have no complaints about this. The bike ride also helped, but I’m going straight home and to bed.

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