Dr. Who review

The September 2007 Doctor Who magazine reviews Short Trips: Destination Prague which includes my story, “Suspension and Disbelief.”

The highlights:

For this latest Short Trips anthology the editor, Steven Savlie, has roped in an experienced group of writers to create a more self-consciously literary collection than usual, one that suggests voguish, city-themed short story compilations rather than the esoteric, sci-fi themes of past Short Trip collections. As a result, and by locating all of the stories in Prague of the past, present and future as opposed to the rather wider canvases of other Short Trips, Destination Prague succeeds in feeling quite different from its predecessors, with a consistency of quality and stylishness that has not always been evident.

There are some very fine entries here. The opening story Midnight in the Cafe of the Black Madonna with its alien elephant trying to prevent genocide, sets the bar high, while the funny Dogs of War, spooky Spoilsport and haunting Suspension and Disbelief stand out.

I thought I couldn’t get any more tickled about this sale, but, yowza! my story is “haunting” and among those that “stand out.”

And yes, after hearing a rumor that my story was mentioned, I did troop down to the closest book store and pick up a copy of the magazine. I mean, Doctor Who!

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  1. Woohoo! Doctor Who!!

    I tried to get that mag, but the store I went to already had the October issue. (nuts.) I’m glad you got your hands on one!

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