Day one of recording AN ARTIFICIAL NIGHT

It feels really good to sit down are narrate someone else’s book. Besides the fact that I actively like Campbell nominee Seanan McGuire‘s October Daye series, there’s a huge difference between reading my own novel and someone else’s.

When reading my own, there’s a part of my brain that keeps going “What were you thinking?!?!”

When reading someone else’s, I just have to think about being in the story.  Also, the October Daye series is written in first person which I find easier to adapt to audio than third person.  I think because I can basically treat the entire book like a giant monologue — which it is — it’s easier to find the emotional throughline to carry me through the book as an actor.

We got through Chapter 10 today and I hit two VERY interesting challenges. Unfortunately both are spoilers so I’ll have to hold my observations on those until after An Artificial Night has been out for awhile.

After I finished recording, I biked into town to Jumpin’ Java to write. David Klecha came out to commit some fiction as well and we kept each other honest.

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