Anyone know a hairdresser in London who can make my hair do this…?

For the Retro Hugos ceremony, I’m wearing a dress based on one from 1939, the year of the first WorldCon. I want hair to match so… Do you know a hairdresser in London who would be available on Thursday 14 August to come to the con (ExCel, London Docklands) and put my hair up? Something like this?

1939 hair

I have chin length hair, but have human hair clip-in extensions that are a good match. And a bajillion bobby pins. I just am unlikely to be able to get away to have it done with the rehearsals. And yes, this is a paying gig.

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks for all the leads! I’ve booked the stylists for the evening. So Fancy!

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9 thoughts on “Anyone know a hairdresser in London who can make my hair do this…?”

  1. Naw, naw. The way to go about it is to say, “I’ll take lots of pictures of myself and upload them to my social media platform. This will be great for your portfolio!”

    “Paying gig” is so 20th-century economics.

  2. Kassie Jennings

    Did you ever pick a dress to make? I don’t remember seeing a winner posted from the poll.

  3. Hi Mary,

    Though it’s always great to find someone through a friend (or even a friend of a friend of a friend…), if you haven’t already, you should also check out Gumtree and other online want ads.

    On Gumtree there’s a good selection of “mobile hairdressers” offering their services:

    I love the styles of this time period and I can’t wait to see the full effect of what you’ve conjured up.

    Cheers, or rather, Cherioo!

    1. Well I certainly discounted the power of social media. Doh! 🙂 The work of Lipstick & Curls and Diablo Rose are incredible.

      I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to challenges like this, so here’s another mobile stylist based in London:

      Katie Kendrick of Complete U

      According to her website she worked in a top salon in the West End and does contemporary and vintage work. I can’t vouch for her but here’s her website:

      and two examples she presents of her vintage work:×526.jpg×641.jpg

      Also she has a price list:

  4. My final post, I swear.

    There is a Kitty’s Vintage Salon that is a mobile salon with a team of stylists who specialize in vintage hair. The stylists all have at least 3 years of experience in vintage hairstyles that range from the 20s up to the 70s:

    “Our team of lovely and creative vintage stylists cover all of London and the South East, bringing you authentic vintage makeovers at your home, office, hotel or venue saving you the hassle of visiting a salon!”

    About Us page:!about/c15lr




    I will now turn my obsessive compulsive disorder toward watching some 30s films.

    All the best, Mary.

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