An analogy that I cannot use in my 1818 novel.

He stopped and for a moment appeared to hold his breath. It was imperfectly held, though, and a small thin stream of air leaked out in a tiny whine such as an Asgardian god might make after being thrashed by Hulk.

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8 thoughts on “An analogy that I cannot use in my 1818 novel.”

  1. Completely agree. Asguard and its gods are way pre-1818.

    And hulk is totally a period word. It’s from the Old English “hulc”.

  2. I don’t know… picture,
    Jane did not quite know what to make of this new arrival. He certainly lacked proper up bringing, that much was clear from his reaction to her sister’s work on the piano. Still, there was something very amusing about his simple and straight forward wit.

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