A storified conversation with my platonic troll.

I get a fair number of trolls in my twitter feed. These are different from people that simply have a different opinion than I do. The people that are just trolls are interested in nothing more than scoring points. It’s not always obvious which is which at first, so I try to engage them in conversation and have had some really interested dialogues that way.

Then there are the others. And this storify shows how that conversation usually goes. Many thanks to Kelly McCullough for putting it together and being my platonic troll

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4 thoughts on “A storified conversation with my platonic troll.”

  1. It’s amazing and disturbing at the same time that this meta-conversation is so recognizable.

    Kudos to you for your patience, and thanks for the way you contribute to the community in spite of having to deal with this kind of BS.

  2. Happy to oblige. I rarely get trolls mostly because middle aged straight white male. But I see the pattern so often on the various social media of friends that it was drop dead easy to replicate—though I have to say that doing it made me feel filthy.

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