A moment of truth

In the midst of finishing my most recent novel, I managed to forget that this weekend was April Fool’s Day, or as I like to call it, Alternate Reality Day. It’s my favorite holiday, but this time I’m actually teaching all weekend.

This is disappointing, because I had done some early groundwork for this year, which I’m not going to get to use. I tweeted a thing that looked like something Chuck Tingle might write, left it up for five minutes, and then deleted it. This is a screen shot that someone sent to ask if I were, in fact, Chuck Tingle.Tweet reading, "yes, i am retiring as a holistic doctor but not as a Tae Kwon Do grandmaster. i continue to fight devilmen to prove LOVE IS REAL."

I even wrote to him to ask if it were okay for me to pretend to be him. (Because otherwise, I would be taking credit for someone else’s work, which is something only devilmen would do.) He said, “hello TRUE BUCKAROO name of mary, you make books real you make books kiss the sky! this is a good way for all who like to read and i am happy that you write with love. this funny prank (HAHAHAHAHA) is a WAY of love and that is okay”

So there you go. Groundwork laid. Time non-existent. I guess you could say that my plans were pounded in the butt by my own scheduling conflicts.

On the other hand, this is potentially the most Schrodinger of possible posts to make today: Am I really Chuck Tingle and using this to convince you that I’m not, OR am I not remotely Chuck Tingle and using this to make you think I am?

Whichever version of reality you choose to live in, just be assured that LOVE IS REAL.

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