A link salad of reviews for Shades of Milk and Honey

A Study of Reading Habits has a nice review of Shades of Milk and Honey

Dirty, Sexy Books gives Shades of Milk and Honey 4 stars “Brain Candy for a Lazy Afternoon.”

Bookshelves of Doom says “Mary Robinette Kowal’s writing is both descriptive and tight — again and again, a few lines would give me a detailed image of the scene.  I saw everything, and in a book that deals heavily with making art, that is a good thing.  More simply:  I fell into the world of this book, and I was sad when it was over.”

Born Reader asks some interesting questions after reading Shades of Milk and Honey including, “Do you think the arts succeed most when you’re not thinking about the mechanics, or do you get more out of a book or painting or what have you by analyzing and appreciating? Or is it somewhere in between?”

Mordecai, a reader on LiveJournal, talks about his experience with the book and the end of it makes me very happy.  “Miss Elssworth isn’t suddenly given to modern notions of feminism; but there is little doubt to her intellegence & will. Her lot in life is difficult– as a woman, as a plain woman, & as a talented woman– but we are given her without apology, without allowances made for our expectations. There is no cheating. She is a “proper lady” operating entirely in her historical context, & a thoroughly compelling character because of it.”

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