Online Class – The Fashion of Worldbuilding: Clothes, Technology, and Taboos

May 11, 2019— 9:30am to 11:30am Pacific Time

Mary Robinette will be teaching a class as part of Cat Rambo’s Academy on Saturday, May 11th from 9:30 – 11:30am Pacific Time. You can register here.

From the description:

Fashion is a big part of science fiction and fantasy where clothes create a sense of settings and cultures. Since fashion is inextricably linked to both wealth and taboos, it can be an exciting way to develop the world of a story. In this workshop, we’ll unpack the causal chains of commerce, technology, and social order that go into creating fashion.

Join Mary Robinette Kowal for a workshop in which she teaches you how to flesh out your world and its fashions.

Classes are taught online and require a reliable Internet connection, although in the past participants have logged on from coffee shops, cafes, and even an airplane; a webcam is suggested but not required.

Cost is $99 ($79 for former students, which includes classes/workshops with me in other venues, such as conference or convention workshops and mentoring sessions).

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