I shouldn’t need to tell you this but Stop reading this and go vote! Some of the Americans here are going down to the Embassy because their absentee ballots have not arrived yet. It’s hard to vote overseas, so those of you at home had darn well better take advantage of being able to hop […]

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What more do I need to say? The wind is wuthering around the building and blowing the rain horizontally across the windows. I working this morning as the Mayor’s live hands and didn’t notice the wind in the studio, but in the greenroom, with its banks of windows, the wuthering is very noticeable.

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National Novel Writing Month

I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month this year long before I was scheduled to come to Iceland. Like a crazy woman, I’ve decided to go ahead and try it even though Rob is coming out to visit me for 20 of the thirty-one days available this month for writing. I’ll have to

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Dinner with Dana and Mark

Dana and Mark Reed came to join me for lunch this afternoon. They are some of the most interesting people that I’ve met here, but this is the first time I’ve spent any time with them outside of large groups. We talked about theater, the nature of puppetry, what interests us about our work, and

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Happy Halloween

I just got home from the Halloween party at Julianna’s and Kahlua’s. They called me earlier today and invited me over to carve a jack o’ lantern. I was delighted, because it’s a nostalgic thing that I actually enjoy. The party was a great deal of fun. My costume was a hit, but was outshown

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Waking at Dawn

It was lovely today to sleep in, although I still woke up at dawn. Granted, that was 8:30, but I can at least pretend that I got up early. Today I’m going to have to run around getting my Halloween costume ready. Julianna and Kahlua are having a party at their place tonight. I’m going

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First Time Off-Set

I’ve been on set all day, bouncing between different puppets live hands. Most of my shots seemed to involve being wedged into tiny spaces. Besides lunch, this is the first time I’ve been off set today. I’ve been really tired the past couple of days and finally realized that it’s because I haven’t been outside

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A New Short Story

Alright folks. I need people to read a short story and give me feedback before I send it off. I’ll put the first thirteen lines here, and if anyone wants to take a look drop me an email. It’s 1300 words long (about six pages) and my first stab at horror, (but there’s no blood

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Name Badge

I know this is a silly thing to be excited about, but after working here for two months I just got the photo for my badge. Of course, I’ve had my hair cut since this photo was taken…

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Care package

In record time, I just got a care package from home. It was mailed on the 13th and arrived here a mere two weeks later. Jodi is sitting on the couch behind me reading the Willamette Week. People are scrabbling to try the Reeds Ginger Chews and the Tofurkey Jurky. I also have some fabulous

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Secret Agent

I’m doing live hands for the Mayor this week, and he’s wearing a tuxedo. One of the reasons that I was on set all day yesterday was that it took a long time to get me in and out of the sleeves. The entry was in slightly the wrong place and it was a nightmare.

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