Wonderful Sarah

Sarah, (who plays Trixie), has offered to cover for me tomorrow, since she’s not in this episode. Which means that I get to spend all day with Rob. I am beaming, nay, glowing with happiness at the prospect. Of course, he’s likely to sleep for the first part of the day, but–and this is embarrassingly …

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Rob is on his way

According to my clock, Rob left Portland ten minutes ago. I’m very, very, very excited that I will see him in less than sixteen hours. Not that I’m counting…

Latest wordcount

20,331 words which is 41% of my goal. Whee. The last three nights I’ve gone to Hresso to write. Getting out of the apartment makes it easier to focus on writing instead of tending to household chores. On the other hand, that means that it takes longer to get my laundry finished. But my novel …

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Tough times with lollipops

I feel like I’ve been beaten. Þor and I just did a scene with Ziggy that went really poorly. It was hard because we had to cover a wide distance with live hands and handle many, many props. I kept getting caught showing my head or a sleeve, it was very frustrating and physically draining. …

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A comedy of hands

I spent the morning bouncing between live hands. I went out on set to work as Bessie’s hands, and got suited up, when they changed their minds (something to do with lighting) . So I pulled those off and put Ziggy’s hands on. But that was wrong too, I needed to be wearing the Mayor’s …

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Happy Birthday Glenn!

C’mon you all know my handsome father-in-law. Wish him a Happy Birthday.

The Hudson Room

This is where I escape when I want quiet while I write. It has a nice view of the lava fields and a secluded corner next to the fish tank. It’s very cozy and I can write without interuption till I’m called on set, or, as today, my computer battery dies. It has a nice …

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Today Jonathon Judge and I did a tour of the Golden Circle. Most of the places were things that I’ve been to before like Thingvellir, but we also went to Gullfoss which I did not manage to take Mom and Dad to when they were here. It was spectacular and the photos do not do …

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Latest Word Count

I’m very proud of myself. I spent yesterday writing, with time off for good behaivor to run some errands, and reached 12,519 words last night, which means I’m a quarter of the way through my goal. I also talked with Fanney, who is a local NaNoWriMo participant. I think it is possible that we have …

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NaNoWriMo update

I fell way behind in my writing goal yesterday. I only managed to get 568 words written, but I do have an opportunity to name drop. Although this will only be impressive you have children the right age. I met Steve from Blue’s Clues. He’s a friend of Jonathon (our director) and came out to …

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Periscope Up.

Today I worked the periscope, which the villain uses to spy on the kids. Although it is essentially just eyes on a stick, it still felt good to work a puppet by myself. I enjoy the seconding, but it’s sometimes frustrating when a puppeteer turns to me and says, “That arm was too high” and …

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Trolls, Elves, and Icelanders

In answer to your question. Do sixty-four percent of Icelanders really believe in trolls? No. The actual number is closer to eighty percent, but I thought that might not be as believable. Iceland Today – What’s on in Iceland – Elves More about Elves

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