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Come See John Scalzi and Me in San Francisco, 1/16/09

Mary admires the Hugo
John Scalzi and I will be reading together on Friday, January 16, at 7pm, at Borderlands Books, in San Francisco. We’re calling the program, “John and Mary Show You Their Shorts.”

And by that I mean that we’ll be reading a selection of short stories. We did this at WorldCon and had a blast so it’s time to reprise the fun. This time we’re upping the excitement by reading a story in tandem — like it’s a play or something. Ooo! Live theater in one of the world’s greatest bookstores. What more can you want

Afterwards we’ll hang out to chat and sign things. Hope to see you there!

Will you try my sausage?

Tasty sausage

See who I had breakfast with this morning?

Scalzi was in town for a quick trip on his way to Viable Paradise. By happy chance, Diana Rowland was also visiting, to talk to her editor and agent. It was like a mini-con of fun!

My favorite photo from Denvention 3

Jay Lake, Me, John ScalziAlan Roberts came to the “Strolling with the Stars” event that Stu Segal had arranged and offered me this photo.  It is my very favorite one.  Let me tell you what is happening here.  I’m standing between Jay Lake and John Scalzi, two men who are dear friends as well as being former Campbell winners.  I feel so very proud to share their company, not just because of our friendship but because I admire them both tremendously as writers.

On my left wrist, you see that corsage?  My friends Ken Scholes and Jen West gave me that.  Jen loaned her husband to me for the night as my escort.  See, I’d told Rob to stay home because I was so sure that I wouldn’t win but Ken volunteered to be my date.  Never did a girl feel so supported.  It was like going to the prom, but so much better.

Honestly, as much as the Campbell award means to me, the larger thing that it represents is embodied in these guys.  I am daunted by their talent, but at the same time, I know that I am supported by them.  And that support is why this is my favorite picture.

WorldCon: Reading with Scalzi

Thursday at Four PM at the Hyatt Hotel, room Granite B, I’ll be sharing my reading with John Scalzi. I had a crazy hour and a half slot, which I just wouldn’t use and he didn’t have a reading so if you come you can get a special 2-for-1 reading deal.

As he says:

Right now our plan is to offer a “sampler platter” of some shorter works, done in tag-team style. I dare say you’ll have more fun at this reading than you thought was humanly possible! And possibly, more than inhumanly possible as well. I do hope you’ll join us, and will spread the word.

Note: In the Denvention schedule, the reading will be listed under my name, not John Scalzi, or some wacky hybrid name.