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Launchpad success

I was on a panel today, the Latest News from Mars and as soon as I walked in felt out of my depth. The other two panelists were scientists [1. I don’t have my program book on me and it has their names in it.  Lovely men and a fun conversation.] and here I was, a writer. I mean, one of them brought in a globe of Mars. He was totally ready. I had launchpad, my twitter feed and reading Bad Astronomy to bring to the table.

But astonishingly, I totally held my own. We started with the question of what was the most exciting recent news. The glaciers! were my pick. I figured that the audience would be up on that, too, but it was news to most of them. We had a good dicussion about what this meant for SF in addition to the science of it. I learned that there’s lichen on Earth, plus some insects that can live in our glaciers so it’s not unresonable to posit life in the glaciers. Likely? No, but you just need the what if potential for a cool story.

I was also amazed at how much information I’d retained from Launchpad. Paricularly when we started talking about how the Rovers work. Granted, if I was pressed for detail, it became quickly aparent that I had only a surface understanding, but it was still cool because, as Mike Brotherton planned, I know the frame and the right questions to ask. It was a pretty exciting panel for me.

Philcon Day 2

I’m continuing to have a good time here, although am too tired to sum up properly. Bear with me until tomorrow and I’ll write an actual post.

I have a reading at 11:00 and to at least pretend to sleep before then.

Twitters for 11-21-08

  • 10:41 The downside to giving a dinner party with “correct” place-settings is dealing with the ridiculous amount of silver afterwards. #
  • 11:53 The upside to giving a dinner party with “correct” place-settings is that I love my china and silver. I just clearly need staff for cleanup. #
  • 12:26 Whoops.Got our phone bill.All of my Obama calls while in the Calgary airport in were roaming charges. A good cause, but tax deductible? #
  • 12:30 Good timing. My phone just died. As in broken. Is the universe telling me something? #
  • 12:50 If you were getting a smart phone & a t-mobile customer, what would you get? #
  • 14:05 Curses. If I buy the phone at a store, they can’t let me upgrade unless I switch to an NYC number. How stupid is that? Not doing it. #
  • 16:52 Finally leaving for Philcon with my new phone. Played with the blackberry and the G1 in the store, settled on the G1. (Hush, Michael.) #
  • 19:51 I’m on the River Line heading into Camden. So far, its been painless transit. #
  • 21:14 I’m at Philcon and heading for the meet the pros reception. #
  • 21:57 OMG I left the Campbell tiara at home. Anyone coming out to Philly from NYC tomorrow? Daft, I am. #
  • 22:40 I’m on a panel on websites for writers and explaining twitter. Got anything pithy to say? #
  • 23:23 Thanks all for the pithy thoughts, we were trying to demonstrate what twitter is and what it’s good for. #
  • 23:24 So, Philcon? Free wifi, which automatically makes this the best con, evar. And well organized thus far. #

Philcon Day One

This is my first Philcon so I sort of didn’t know what to expect. So far I’ve been impressed with the organization of the con. Good signage, easy registration and lots of communication beforehand. On the downside, I left NYC later than I’d planned and left my demo puppets and the Campbell tiara in the apartment. This is manifestly not very bright. So, Philcon = organized. Mary = not.

I was pleased to finally meet Bud Sparhawk, the Eastern Regional Director of SFWA, since he and I have known each other online for quite some time now. We were on the Websites for Writers panel with Ef Deal and Nathan Lillly, with whom I’d corresponded but not met.

All in all, it was a good day. Even if I am stupidly forgetful.

Philcon 2008 Schedule


I’m heading for my first Philcon this year. I figure it’s close plus the SFWA regional meeting is there and I’d like to attend.

Here’s my preliminary schedule.

10:00PM Websites for Writers – Event #16

12:00PM Sherlock Holmes and Science Fiction
2:00PM Science Fiction and Romance
3:00-5:00PM Crafting: Hand Puppets (Yep, I’m going to teach on the kids’ track.)
8:00PM Beyond Philip Pullman- Is Atheism the Last Taboo?

10:00AM Towards a Theory of Science Fiction
11:00AM Reading (I’ll bring a couple of options and let the audience pick)
12:00PM Presenting your art: tips for approaching art directors, publishers, and galleries
1:00PM The News from Mars

Will I see any of you there?