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Somerset, NJ

I’ve come out to Chris Parks’ house because of problems with the truck. Poor Dave, who was assigned to come pick up the set from the studio space in NYC had the worst driving karma. It took him six hours to make the hour and ten minute trip from Princeton. Since I had to come out tomorrow anyway, I offered to drive the truck up and let him relax.


Well, I’ve made it to the Atlanta airport and my flight Chicago is supposed to be leaving on time. I don’t know what will happen with the flight from Chicago to NYC. We’ll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo from DC that I forgot to upload on Friday. It’s an interesting juxtaposition, I think.

JFK airport

The ride from NYC to JFK airport on the subway always surprises me by how long it takes. I always think I’ve given myself plenty of time and it always takes longer. I’m here with plenty of time to sit and play on my laptop, but only because there were no lines once I got to the airport.

Meanwhile, they assigned me a seat for the flight and then relocated me because they had a weight imbalance on the plane. Why didn’t they think about that when I was getting my seat assignment during check-in? Odd.


Yes, we all know that it was a day late, but people had to work yesterday and Fightnight was last night. Anyway, David’s wife Julie had come out from NYC and Steina (Stefan’s wife) is interested in Jewish cooking, so they had a Roshashanah dinner tonight. There were nineteen of us at the dinner table and it was a really great evening. Lots of good conversation.

At one point, Stefan came running into the room and said “The Northern Lights!” so we all ran out onto their deck and stared up at the sky. At first it was very faint, and then the entire northern face of the sky lit up.

Arrival in Reykjavik

Needless to say–but I will anyway–I am tired. I did manage to sleep on the plane, though not enough. Much to my surprise, Magnus, the creator of the show, was on the same flight as me. He was returning from the premiere in NYC. I sent a note up to his seat in first class to introduce myself. He very kindly came back and we chatted for a bit before acknowledging the desperate need to sleep on the plane

My apartment kitchen

My third floor apartment is delightful. I’ve done a quick walk through and now I will explore the bed.