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Happy Birthday, Steve!

Today is my brother’s birthday. You remember Steve, right? He’s the one who commissioned the Elvis Garden Gnome for his girlfriend’s birthday.

My brother is a generally good guy, but does have a bit of an evil streak in him. He also is fond of beers and has a deep knowledge of different types and brewing methods.

So for his birthday, I designed a beer stein for him.  Care to take a guess about what’s on the other side of that mug…

Mwahahaha! The evil, did I mention that it runs in the family?

Building an Elvis Garden Gnome

My brother, bless his heart, wanted to give his girlfriend an Elvis garden gnome as a gag gift on her birthday and discovered that no one makes them. This was actually a little surprising. So he turned to me.

To begin, I found an existing gnome in a position that would work for my needs. This one is called “The conductor.”  I really wanted one playing a guitar but the only one in that pose was also plaster, which wouldn’t work. I needed a resin gnome. Continue reading ›