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Wanted: SFWA Content Editor/Webstaff Administrator

SFWA is doing a serious overhaul of the website in an effort to bring it into the twenty-first century. Interested in helping make it user friendly? Then this job might be for you.

Edited to add: This position is for an editor, not a webmaster or designer. You would be dealing with the content of the site, but we have someone else to do the heavy lifting on the design.

Estimated time required: 15 – 25 hours per month (Initially more, but workload would vary seasonally.)

SFWA Content Editor/Webstaff Administrator

Job Description:

The person in this position would perform the following tasks:
1. Advise the Board on the future direction of SFWA web presence, set priorities for SFWA web presence, and assist in recruiting volunteers as needed.
2. Gather, organize, and provide content to the SFWA webmaster.
3. Organize webstaff volunteers, determine staffing priorities, assign jobs, and maintain communication within the webstaff. Develop a plan for updating in a timely manner.
4. Serve as liaison between the SFWA webmaster and webstaff and the Forum and Bulletin editors, Executive Director, Other SFWA committee chairs as directed by the President. Coordinate duties with the webmaster.

Qualified candidates should have excellent organization and written communication skills, as well as an understanding of current web technology. Understanding budgetary organization is helpful. Membership in SFWA is required.

Benefits: Resume worthy credit, close contact with established SF professionals, help shape the face of SFWA. Stipend offered. Interested parties should submit resumes to no later than June 15, 2008.

Please pass this along to anyone that you think might be interested. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Have a proposal read for charity

My kick-ass agent, Jennifer Jackson, is donating her time to Brenda Novak’s auction to support research for Diabetes.

In a little less than 15 hours, my entry in Brenda Novak’s auction to support research for Diabetes goes live. It’s a one day auction and the bidding starts at a mere $2. (Yep, just $2.)

I’m offering to read and evaluate a proposal (defined as three chapters – up to 50pp – plus a synopsis) of an unpublished manuscript. I will also meet with the winner at RWA National for a drinks date to discuss that proposal or other publishing questions. Since I know I have a number of readers on this blog who may not be attending, I’d also be open to meeting at other conferences I’m attending (such as Readercon or Bouchercon).

Bidding is here,
and it’s really easy to sign up and get a bidder ID.

There are other amazing auctions and the cause is very worthy. I encourage you to check it out and bid.

Interstitial Arts Foundation Auctions

The Interstitial Arts Foundation is auctioning some pretty nifty items. Every day they add two new items. Check it out. is part of the fundraising arm of the Interstitial Arts Foundation, a not–for–profit organization dedicated to the study, support, and promotion of interstitial art.
Currently, we’re auctioning off jewelry based on stories from the first Interfictions anthology.

SFWA Volunteer Opportunity – Nebula Website Editor

SFWA is creating a new, updated website for the Nebula Awards and is looking for a SFWA member to partner with the professional web designer they’ve hired to do the heavy lifting.

Estimated Time Required: 10-30 hours per month, (Variable depending on time of year. Heaviest commitment: March, April, and May)

Job Description:
1. Advise the Board on the web presence, set priorities for consistent with the overall goal of promoting the Nebula and Norton Awards, the nominees, the winners, the Awards weekend, SFWA anthologies, and through them all, the genres of science fiction and fantasy. Assist in recruiting, training, and coordinating volunteers as needed.

2. Review existing Nebula-related and other genre promotional material and its organization to remove extraneous and confusing material and create an organizational map that is easily navigable and makes relevant material easily discoverable.

3. Suggest, gather, organize, and provide content to the Nebula webmaster, including interviews, opinion essays, images, and bios/essays from Nebula and Norton Award winners.

4. Serve as liaison between the webmaster, Nebula webmaster, Bulletin and NAR editors, Executive Director, and SFWA members.

5. Create press releases regarding important Nebula website updates and work with media representatives as necessary to publicize the website.

Benefits: Extensive networking, connection with the redesign of a high-profile website suitable for resume mention, and increased visibility in SFWA.

Skills required: A high level of organization, ability to lead a team, editing and document management experience, experience with content management systems, blogs, and making video/audio material web accessible. Any level of SFWA membership

If you are interested, send a brief introductory letter to

Rag and Bone

The show that I’ve been working on most recently is at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater and called Rag and Bone, written by Noah Haidle and directed by Sam Gold.

I watched a preview last night and am delighted to let you know that the hearts I made and the twenty tiny ladders make total sense within the context of the play.

Check out their blurb.

Jeff and George, mourning the death of their mother, struggle to make ends meet at the family ladder store, which George also utilizes as a front for the black market sale of human hearts, hearts bought and sold for people who either feel nothing or too damn much!

Previews Begin: November 14
Special Preview Benefit: November 19
For benefit information and tickets, click this link
Opening Night: November 20
Runs through December 16
Wed – Sat at 8pm, Sun at 5pm
For tickets, call 212-868-4444 or click this link

Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest

Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest is having a Halloween raffle. Check it out.

You’ll find nothing but TREATS here, guaranteed! Here’s a chance to fill your pillowcase with all sorts of goodies, including rare items from some of the biggest names in the field. For only $1.00 per ticket. And, a percentage of all proceeds made will go to the National Center for Family Literacy!

One “ticket” will be selected as the winner for each item. So, the more “tickets” you buy, the greater your chances… Winners announced on Halloween at midnight . To bid on any of the fantastic items, just visit and simply put a “1” in the quantity field (for a charge of just $1). For a better chance at winning your item, just put in a “2” or a “3” (or a “20”) and your chances will increase accordingly! Good luck!

This is just some of what you’ll find to bid on:

* In-depth short story critiques offered by famed writers and editors.
* Copy edited original manuscript of Titan signed by Ben Bova.
* Signed HCs of Homebody, Magic Street or Pastwatch by Orson Scott Card.
* Signed MMPB of The Keeper by Sara Langan.
* Signed TPB French edition of The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum.
* Promotional Moral Orel photo or t-shirt signed by actress Carolyn Lawrence (voice of Orel).
* Signed copies of award winning writer M.M. Buckner’s: Hyperthought, Neurolink, and War Surf.
* Original hand-written poem framed with signed photo of Grim Trixter author Brandy Schwan.
* Signed reader’s copies of Mary Doria Russell’s new novel Dreamers of the Day.
* Awesome stuff from Aradani Studios (Paul and Michael Bielaczyc).
* Signed, HC limited edition copy of Dreadful Skin by Cherie Priest.
* Giant gift box from including videos, shirts, etc.
* Signed copies of Steven Savile’s Warhammer trilogy: Retribution, Dominion, and Inheritance .
* Three signed, sexy PR photos of author Angeline Hawkes-Fulbright.
* HC of DUNE: The Machine Crusade or Ignition signed by co-author Kevin J. Anderson.
* Signed, HC of Metal Swarm by author Kevin J. Anderson. This is the UK edition.
* Signed, MMPB of The Freakshow by Bryan Smith.
* Signed Tales of… pack by Geoffrey Girard: Atlantic Pirates, Jersey Devil, and Eastern Indians.
* One year subscription to Shimmer Magazine
* Signed & Limited Edition of I Sing the Body Electric! by Ray Bradbury (retail value of $150).
* Signed copies of The Magic Goblet and The Magic Ring edited by Dr. Amy H Sturgis.
* HC of The Last Rakosh by F. Paul Wilson.
* TPB of Wet Work by Philip Nutman.
* Signed, limited HC of Offspring by Jack Ketchum.
* Signed Sterling Edition (publisher’s copy with slipcase) of The Tery by F. Paul Wilson.
* Galaxy Press/Writers of the Future Educators Pack – many books!
* Blood-signed (by contributor Jodi Lee) TPB of Echoes of Terror anthology.
* Extended Play: The Elastic Book of Music anthology edited by Gary Couzens.
* Abaddon Books Gift Pack – many books!
* Autographed ARC of Robert McCammon’s Speaks the Nightbird.
* Brian Keene pack: The Rising, City of the Dead, Terminal, Ghoul, Conqueror Worms, and Dead Sea .
* And much, much more………

A Writer’s Vanity – Hunting for Hubris

Jason Sizemore, at Apex Digest, has been very supportive of me and of Shimmer. This was on his blog today.

A Writer’s Vanity – Hunting for Hubris

This is my own personal horror story. In it, I play the guy whose pride won’t let him ask for help when he sees that he needs it. I might have waited too late, even now. Hubris can be a complicated personality trait. It’s one that I’m struggling with at the moment.

See, I’m having to come out to the public that Apex Digest needs help. That I need help. Like, within two weeks.

Those who know me that my hubris is a personality flaw.

But this damn magazine means too much to me.

The story starts out well. A nice guy, me, starts a science-fiction and horror magazine. He loves it. He puts his own money into it. To his delight, the critics respond well to the stories. It goes into Barnes and Nobles. It starts breaking even. Who cares if he has some debt from starting it? He’s paying that back and things are golden. He is proud of his magazine.

You see where this is going, don’t you? The word “pride” is your cue that things are about to go south.

This nice guy loses his job. He has four months of unemployment, but he keeps putting the magazine out. That small debt starts to get bigger. But he keeps his writers and artists paid and delivers the magazine on time. The printer is understanding and lets him slide on payments.

If the nice guy had asked for help then, he wouldn’t have needed to slide on payments. But he has a lot of pride and thinks he couldtough it out. Then the nice guy gets a new job, which proves his point. He starts paying down the debt to his printer.

If this weren’t a horror story that would be the happy ending. There would be butterflies and fuzzy kittens. But this is a horror story.

We never see the printer’s POV, so we don’t know why the email is sent. All the nice guy knows is that the printer wants all of the money and wants it now. He doesn’t have it.

At the moment, I don’t know how this story will end.

All of Apex’s distributors rightfully expect their copies of the magazine within the next couple of weeks. Apex subscribers rightfully expect their copies within the next couple of weeks.

If I fail to get Apex #7 out to the distributors and subscribers, the story ends. I’ve begged and borrowed as much as I can. Now I’m dropping my pride and admitting that I need help publicly. I need 200 new subscribers to create the revenue required to pay off the debt to the printer.

Tell me how my story ends. Think of this as one of those “choose your own adventures.”

Do you buy a subscription?

Apex Shopping Mall

I’ve renewed my subscription and picked up extra copies of Issue Six, which has Cerbo en Vitra Ujo in it. If you have any doubts, you should also read Maggie’s article on her blog about karma and publishing.

Wired News: You Dirty, Healthy Rat

Wired News: You Dirty, Healthy Rat

Gritty rats and mice living in sewers and farms seem to have healthier immune systems than their squeaky clean cousins that frolic in cushy antiseptic labs, two studies indicate. The lesson for humans: Clean living may make us sick.

The studies give more weight to a 17-year-old theory that the sanitized Western world may be partly to blame for soaring rates of human allergy and asthma cases and some autoimmune diseases, such as Type I diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. The theory, called the hygiene hypothesis, figures that people’s immune systems aren’t being challenged by disease and dirt early in life, so the body’s natural defenses overreact to small irritants such as pollen.

See, Mom. All those times I didn’t clean my room, I was promoting a healthy lifestyle choice.

Challenged immune systems — such as kids who grow up with two or more pets — don’t tend to develop as many allergies, said Dr. Stanley Goldstein, director of Allergy & Asthma Care of Long Island.

Thank heavens, you let me have a cat when I was five or I’d be doomed now. Good thing you’ve got Buster for the grandkids.

Parker said he hopes to build a 50-foot artificial sewer for his next step, so that he could introduce the clean lab rats to an artificial dirty environment and see how and when the immunity was activated.

That may be the biggest thing to come out of the wild and lab rodent studies, Platt said: “Then all of a sudden it becomes possible to expose people to the few things (that exercise the immune system) and gives them the benefit of the dirty environment without having to expose them to the dirt.”

Ooo! I think I may have just found the trigger for my next science-fiction story.

Doubles, anyone?

I worked a double on the boat yesterday. The second cruise was for a 60th birthday party. The birthday boy’s wife gave every appearance of being a trophy wife. I’d give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was a May/December romance, except that he hit on me twice. Once at the end of the party.

How classy is this. B-boy says, “What about my gifts, we need to remember to pick up my gifts.” Then, spying me, points at me and says, “Is that a gift?” He saunters across the room. “Will you be my gift?” Then he wraps an arm around my waist and kisses my cheek.

So inappropriate.

I know how the poor chambermaids felt in gothic romances. I’m staff! What am I going to do, slap the $6000 client?


It’s not usually like this. Most people are very nice and keep the flirtation to a very mild banter if it happens at all.

In other news, I got new tires and new brakepads on my bike. The weather is starting to turn and I thought that some stopping power would be good. And traction. Why not try something new? Oh, and while I was there they had a “fit specialist” look at my bike and adjust it. I’m astonished at the difference it made in my ride home. It was much easier.

All Star Stories Editing Process

I’m very excited. I just got my first email from Susan Groppi for All Star Stories: Twenty Epics. Although this is my fourth sale the first three were all to the same magazine and there was no editorial process. I turned it in, they paid me and printed it.

This looks like it will have a lot of give and take. My contract even mentioned “galley proofs”. Oh joy! I don’t know if other people are as delighted as I am about such things. It feels like a huge step to have a real editor working with me on my story. It feels like I’ve actually done something.

Anyway, we’re starting with “higher-level conceptual stuff” before we move on to line edits. I’m also pleased because her email shows that she definitely gets what I was doing. Which makes sense, I guess, otherwise they wouldn’t have bought the thing.

Here’s Susan’s email to me.


Hello! Welcome to the Twenty Epics editing process. In lieu of actually passing around a paper manuscript with scribbled notes in the margins, we’re going to be handling all of this over email. What I was thinking was that we could do some higher-level conceptual kind of stuff first, and then get to the line edits once we’ve finished talking about the higher-level stuff. Does that make sense to you?

The largest issue that needs to be discussed is the cultural relationship between Li Reiko’s world and Halldor’s. You’ve done an absolutely wonderful job of putting across a great deal of information without ever resorting to exposition dumps. We know that Li Reiko is human, and mortal, but from a highly sophisticated matriarchal culture (one that I’m inclined to call technologically advanced, in that a lot of her artifacts seem like magic, but her understanding of them seems more scientific or technological). Halldor is also human and mortal, but his culture is patriarchal, sexist in a way that Li Reiko’s doesn’t seem to be, and rooted in superstition rather than technology. In terms of both language and physical appearance, Li Reiko’s culture has what I’d call Asian influences, while Halldor’s is a kind of classic fantasy Northern European feudal thing. And yet her culture is somehow an ancestor of his; six thousand years have passed inbetween, but the stories of Li Reiko’s world are part of the mythology of Halldor’s, as though her people became, in six thousand years, his people. And that’s where my problem is.

I don’t actually have any issues with the idea that the advanced and enlightened world that Li Reiko is from could be connected to the run-down one that Halldor is in. Six thousand years is a long time, after all, and civilizations lose knowledge in any number of ways. But I do think the story could benefit from some tweaking in this regard, to clarify the cultural inheritances. Before I make any suggestions at all, though, I think it would really help to hear what your thoughts on this are. Does that make any sense? If you could just, I guess, tell me what you had in mind for how Li Reiko’s civilization relates to Halldor’s, that would be a good starting point for us.

We don’t have any definite timeline on the editing process here, but I’d appreciate it if you could get back to me within the next few days. (If that’s not going to work, though, that’s totally fine, just let me know. Actually, can you just drop me a note to let me know that this email got through okay? I have a long-standing paranoia about lost emails.)