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A late call.

I didn’t get called in to work till 3:30 today. This gave me a little time to go Christmas shopping and I think I’m actually finished. This seems rather astounding to me. I also finally went into an antique shop that I’ve been carefully avoiding because it looked too good. I knew I would be tempted by things that I couldn’t get home.

I was right.

So many beautiful typewriters… I did give in and buy some millinary supplies which are really gorgeous. If I could figure out any way to get one of the typewriters home, I would buy it in a heartbeat. It’s an Underwood, but the standard qwerty arrangement is separated into different banks for upper and lowercase. And, it has a beautiful metal and wood cover. As you might guess, it is huge and heavy. Alas.


I still don’t have pictures of the people, but this is one of the flower arrangements that I made for my Christmas party.


I went to Yoga this morning for the first time in two weeks. Agony. I mean, it’s only a sort of mild pain from stretching muscles that don’t believe they should move farther than they do. But it’s good for me, builds character.

Wandering about.

Steve and I spent today wandering around town. We did some prep work for the party tomorrow, but most of the daylight hours were spent in downtown Reykjavik. We stopped at the Parliament building.

And then went to the lake behind it. That’s town hall behind Steve. Strangely, he only asked for his picture in front of government related structures…covert operations?

We ran into Sarah and Andrew downtown and had tea with them. I say tea, when I mean hot chocolate, but it was teatime–those crazy Brits. After we went home, Steve helped me move furniture for the party on Sunday, and then we went out with Sarah, Andrew, Ingver and John for dinner.

Starting later

I didn’t have to come to work today until 4:45. Steve and I joined a group of the cast at Culture House for brunch. Afterwards we went shopping for groceries (ooooh) and came to work. We were going to go the Blue Lagoon, but there wasn’t quite enough time to fit that in. I’ve sent Steve off with Sarah’s friend Andrew. Andrew came in on the same flight as Steve–he’s also fond of beer, so they’ve hit it off well.

Steve arrives tonight

My brother, Steve, gets in at 10:40 tonight. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be able to pick him up at the airport. I should have told him to bring a good book, because we’ll be hanging out at the studio a lot tomorrow. Still haven’t worked yet today. I have, however, written another chapter in my novel.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rob and I are going to Jodi, Sam and Julie’s for dinner tonight. All the Americans and some other guests are gathering tonight for Thanksgiving dinner. Rob and I are bringing a spinach, artichoke casserole (thanks for the recipe, Mom), an apple crisp, and eggnog.

Fetching carts.

Sorry that my entries have been so short. Between busy days on the set and NaNoWriMo and Rob visiting, I haven’t had the time to do long weblog entries.

The snow is thawing and we are back to our usual overcast windy days. I have to be on set a lot but it’s been mostly fetching carts. I worked yesterday as Stingy’s feet, and hands when he was sitting in a chair. I did a little bit of time doing rod work today, but otherwise…fetching carts. Ah, the fleeting glamour of showbiz.

In other news, my wordcount on my NaNoWriMo is a 40,729. I should be able to hit 50,000 by Tuesday.

Morning view

This is a view of my street at 8:30 this morning. Sunrise starts around nine am. The sun isn’t actually over the horizon yet, and it is 9:30.

Sadness and slight annoyance

Rob is not in the apartment and he did not take the cellphone with him. He does, however, have the only set of keys. So, I’m locked out and have no idea how to find him. In revenge, I have taken myself to Hresso for a nice lunch and a coffee.

I’ll also work on my novel while I’m here. I hit the half-way point this weekend, and should be able to crank out a couple thousand words while I wait for my husband to resurface.

Going home

No. Don’t get your hopes up, I’m just heading back to the apartment. David has offered to stay in and cover me today.

Wonderful Sarah

Sarah, (who plays Trixie), has offered to cover for me tomorrow, since she’s not in this episode. Which means that I get to spend all day with Rob. I am beaming, nay, glowing with happiness at the prospect. Of course, he’s likely to sleep for the first part of the day, but–and this is embarrassingly personal–I’m so in love that I’m looking forward to watching him sleep. How sappy is that?

I’m going to stop this post before I embarass myself further.

Today’s photo gallery of yesterday’s outing.

I mentioned that Jonathan and I did the Golden Circle tour yesterday. We started at Þingvellir.

I know that you’ve seen lots of landscape photos, but it still amazes me how much it can change with the seasons without trees as the indicator.

Of course, I guess snow on the mountain is dead giveaway that it’s colder.

Even so, the moss and lichen has a more subdued quality. Things seem more ethereal now, but that might just be because I’m looking at a hobbit hole.

We passed a turf house on the way to Geysir.

We also got to visit with a herd of horses. We pulled off the road to take some photos and they all wandered up to visit with us.

This particular horse fell in love with Jonathan and followed him like a dog.

When we got to Geysir it was still light enough for photos, which it wasn’t when I went there with Mom and Dad. I didn’t get a good photo of the geysir, but I did get a nice photo of this pool This photo is not color enhanced, it really glowed this unearthly blue. It looked like a UV light was under the water somewhere.

Periscope Up.

Today I worked the periscope, which the villain uses to spy on the kids. Although it is essentially just eyes on a stick, it still felt good to work a puppet by myself. I enjoy the seconding, but it’s sometimes frustrating when a puppeteer turns to me and says, “That arm was too high” and it’s their arm. I just smile and nod and say, “Okay.”

I spent the rest of the day doing standard fetching of carts and cushions.

Happy Halloween

I just got home from the Halloween party at Julianna’s and Kahlua’s. They called me earlier today and invited me over to carve a jack o’ lantern. I was delighted, because it’s a nostalgic thing that I actually enjoy.

The party was a great deal of fun. My costume was a hit, but was outshown by Julie, who came as Bessie. I did get points for actually making mine, but she looked better.