We have a new kitty

Since Maggie passed away we’ve noticed that Marlowe is needy and bored. Yes, even with the move. So we’d been talking about getting another cat. Today we went up to the human society and looked at two very sweet kitties.  We probably would have looked at more but the decision was already hard.

New Kitty lying downWe’ve brought home a very sweet six-year old lady with a brown tabby coat and pale, pale yellow eyes.  My god, is she affectionate.  The biggest problem right now is the strength of her headbutts of love.

Initially we’ll keep Marlowe and New Kitty separated until she’s acclimated a little.  She comes from a house with 35 other cats.  Yes. You read that right.  Thirty-five cats.  One litter box.  We hope this means she’ll adapt well to Marlowe.  He, meanwhile is wildly curious about what is happening in the bedroom.

She’s curled up on my lap right now purring away.  We might have to have a discussion about where my lap ends and where the laptop begins but at the moment we’re both content in the sun.

For those of you who love kitty photos, there are a half dozen or so at Picasa.

New Kitty
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21 Responses

      1. lubkin

        I’d have guessed Maggie was named for Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes….

        New kitty’s adorable.

        My doter has just adopted a 10 year old from the shelter. A most excellent cat.

  1. Alma Alexander

    She looks (and sounds as though she is) a sweet cat, and thus a fitting replacement for lap-queen Maggie. Good on you for getting a grown-up cat – they’re always harder to home than cute little kittens…. Look forward to The Naming…

  2. Pam Adams

    Hooray, new kitty!! I just lost two, one to diabetes/kidney failure and my feral house cat to very old age. I don’t plan on replacements- I still have six. And 8 litter boxes….. (of course, I find that replacements don’t have to be planned- they usually find you)

  3. Moggy

    What a pretty girl! I peeked at the other pictures, too, and she really is gorgeous. 🙂

    And good on you for adopting a slightly older gal, too…clearly you’re good people.


  4. Jeff S.

    Headbutts of love indeed!
    We have a 14 yr old male Tabby that headbutts at Rhino levels. I wonder if it’s a trait with that breed
    I’m glad Marlowe is getting a chum. Lonely cats are a sad state of mind for everyone around them.

  5. Kate Y.

    Well no wonder she’s playing in the litter box! You’re lucky she doesn’t light some candles, put on mellow music, and settle in there with a good book.