Update on Rob’s hands

You might remember about a month ago I mentioned that Rob had gone in to have his hands diagnosed and that the doctor wanted to get him in for surgery right away, as in that week.  The nerves were dying. He’s been jumping through paperwork since then.  We just found out that his worker’s comp claim has been denied because they’ve said the carpal tunnel is a pre-existing condition.

The problem with this is that it’s not debilitating if he’s not working harvest.  I mean, the problems he’s having are so clearly linked to his job that it’s not even funny.  Right now, he’s having trouble tying his shoes.  This wasn’t an issue before harvest.

We’re been told that he can appeal to a judge, which we’ll try, meanwhile he’s also jumping through the paperwork hoops for our regular insurance.  I’m frustrated, angry and worried about him.

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  1. Rose Fox

    Worker’s comp claims are among the most frustrating things on earth. The best thing you can do is get an expert doctor on your side and willing to advocate for you to the judge or board. My sympathies to you both.

  2. Laura Anne

    Appeal immediately. They’re sadistic bastards who almost always turn down the first filing. And yeah, get the doctor involved — you can often cut through piles of paperwork if a quiet conversation is had…. (a friend of mine with MS went through this same shit)

    Luck and healing vibes…

  3. Amy Sisson

    Gods, one of the major things about our health care system that doesn’t work is this “pre-existing condition” crap! Do they think that magically translates into “doesn’t deserve to have treatment” or “must stay tied to one job for entire life in order not to lose health benefits”? We cannot keep tying our health benefits to specific employment!!!!!

    I’m so sorry on your behalf. I hope this gets straightened out soon.

  4. C.S. Inman

    I wish him the best! There’s some good advice above. Keep fighting–I have a feeling these people would call falling off a broken ladder a pre-existing condition if they thought they could get away with it.

    Good luck!

  5. Suzanne

    Get him into a good massage therapist who knows how to massage for carpal tunnel. Insurance probably won’t pay for it, but it’s worth it.

    I was having trouble with my wrists not long ago. I went to a massage therapist (paid for out-of-pocket at the office of a chiropractor who charges me less because I don’t have insurance–how’s that for novel?)for something else, and in conversation she found out about my wrists and tendonitis in my elbows. She not only massaged me, but showed my husband how to do the massage at home.

    I am much improved and pain free.

    Also, I understand B vitamins can be helpful.

    Also, ask at a health food store for an appropriate essential oil to massage into the joint.

  6. Kate Baker

    Oh Mary, you and Rob are definitely in my thoughts and I hope this works out for the best for you both.

    From a NY Lawyer’s website:

    Virtually all types of work-related physical injury and industrial illness are covered by workers’ compensation. Very commonly covered conditions include repetitive-stress injuries (RSIs) like carpal-tunnel syndrome (CTS), back injuries, traumatic injuries, wounds or bodily reactions to substances. Many states also cover mental or emotional harm, but the standards for psychological coverage vary greatly from state to state. Pre-existing conditions are generally not covered unless aggravated at work.


    Pay attention to that last line.

    I would definitely get the doctor involved as well. If there was no prior treatment of his symptoms before his work during the harvest, there is no way this can be ‘pre-existing’ 😛

  7. Mike F

    I’m really sorry to hear about all the troubles. Worker’s comp claims can be a pain. I hope you guys get it worked out. Most importantly, I hope your husband is feeling better soon.

  8. stina

    omg, i so hate health insurance companies. good luck to you both. i’ll think victorious, healthy thoughts your direction.