The party favor for Christmas 2008

The party favor for Christmas 2008

I wrote this on December 23rd, but forgot to post it.

I’ve mentioned that my family has a giant Christmas Eve dinner every year with cousins and multiple generations getting together. This year is the 52nd annual dinner and we’ve got 31 people attending. One of the things that I loved when my grandmother was hosting the party were the party favors, which were always homemade Christmas tree ornaments. After she passed away, I took over the party favors.

This year, when I got to Chattanooga I was a little stressed because I had 10 more party favors to make. I normally have them all made before I get home but time was tight this year.

To my surprise and joy, my niece Katherine pitched in to help me make them. We stayed up until 2 am sewing and laughing together. It was just great to have one on one time with her. Although, I’ll admit that it added to my general feeling that our Christmas’s are straight out of Norman Rockwell.

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3 Responses

  1. Karen

    Straight out of Norman Rockwell in the most down to earth, inspirational kind of way. I love the idea of handmade ornaments as party favors. And isn’t it amazing to find ourselves being the ones to pick up our grandmothers’ traditions?

  2. Kate Baker

    Some of my favorite ornaments on my tree are handmade from various people/children throughout the years. It’s very neat you do that for your family.

    Those are particularly lovely.