The motorcycle

Rob's motorcycleRob, for some time now, has been coveting a motorcycle. He used to ride them in Hawaii and the roads in Iceland are apparently perfect for a motorcycle. So, he’s been shopping for one for a couple of months. The shopping was sort of a hobby. Until last night, when he won the auction for one. It’s in Germany and will be here in a couple of weeks. I’m so pleased for him. He so rarely covets something and to actually pursue it? Heavens.

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7 Responses

  1. -e-

    What kind of bike is this? ( Love the cool Jetsons design on the side!) Even riding ON many Icelandic roads must feel like going OFF road, will he take it out for ripping runs on the ring road? Studs for the tires, so he can ride on ice? What will he wear in winter? Brrr! O.K. enough questions, Have fun!

  2. Rob

    Hello Eve,

    It is a KTM, made in Austria. The model is the LC4 adventure. I think the style is a bit too flamboyant but it is a very solid machine and I purshased if for a good price. It includes nifty panniers not pictured.

  3. -e-

    Oh! Rob, you used my proper name… my carefully guarded anonymity on this site is now BLOWN! 🙂 (Oh no! now you’ve inspired an emoticon!)